9 Corporate Attempts at “Edgy” That Failed (Hilariously)

Featured at Late Night with Jimmy

Advertisers have this problem: Kids today want things that are “dark” and “edgy” and “not ridiculous,” but some products just have nothing to do with any of those things at all. So how in the world do you shape a marketing campaign for cereal or eyeliner that somehow makes it badass? You don’t. Or else you wind up with ridiculous campaigns like these.


OK Soda

Healing Properties of Frankincense

There’s a reason why the Magi brought frankincense to the baby Jesus. Native to the Arabian Peninsula and parts of eastern Africa, frankincense was prized for centuries for its exotic fragrance and medicinal properties. Clinical studies have been conducted around the world to examine the ascribed healing powers of the plant. Several of these studies have shown that frankincense can in fact help in the treatment of different types of conditions.


Merchandising Techniques for Home Decor Departments

Merchandising refers to the way a store displays its merchandise to shoppers. An effective display captures a shopper’s attention and piques her interest. In a home decor department, it is important to create the feeling of an ideal home while presenting ways the shopper can achieve at home. This can be done with the right amount of organization and attention to detail.


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