New Blog: Retail Damage

department-store-1065112_1280smallDuring the last month and a half, I’ve started a new blog called Retail Damage. While this blog now serves primarily as my writing portfolio, Retail Damage focuses on both my retail experience and the decline of Sears and Macy’s, two stores where I’ve previously worked. I came up with the idea after thinking of all of the things that shoppers don’t know (and should know) about being a cashier. Then, after reading about Sears and Macy’s in the news, I realized that I had a first-hand perspective of their respective downfalls. Bad business decisions and outside economic factors affect even the lowliest of employees. It’s safe to say that I’ve learned as much about marketing from being a cashier and store merchandising associate as I have from my e-commerce jobs. Retail Damage is about two sides of retail; business and operations.

The name “Retail Damage” originally referred to bad customers as well as one of my favorite cashier duties, which involves labeling and getting rid of damaged merchandise. Later, as I added the declining department store element, it included the damaged businesses themselves. I’m having fun with this new venture and hope you will too. Check it out at


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