Where I Am Now

field innovation team logoThis post’s a little different because it’s not a pop-culture thinkpiece but an update as to the work I’m doing now. Since July 2015, I’ve been creating and managing social media content for Field Innovation Team (FIT), a nonprofit organization that focuses on creative solutions for disaster prevention and emergency management.

Here I am (right) at one of their Do Tanks with 13450296_1329281547087385_3306065055939597417_nElizabeth from NYCEM in June 2016. DaVita Kidney Care hosted the workshop with FIT at its Bronx location. It centered around solving potential problems faced by dialysis patients during a disaster-induced power outage/transportation shutdown. My group’s idea involved communication drones. The googly eyes represented cameras.

I do not manage FIT’s blog, but in the interest of the blog manager’s time, I use its Facebook page to publish updates between blog posts. Because of this, some of the posts I write for FIT’s Facebook page are lengthier than others and demonstrate my writing skills as well as my social media experience. That’s why I’ve updated my Professional section to include some of the most popular long posts.

FIT is an amazing organization and I invite you to follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/FITreadytogo, on Twitter at @FITreadytogo and on Instagram at fitreadytogo.


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